Allow me to introduce ...

... myself!

It's been on my mind for a long time. But often time is my enemy and I find myself pushing such tasks to the bottom of my list. However, after just a little under 2 years, 330 posts and over half a million visitors to the blog, I seriously need to introduce myself.

So this becomes my official about page for What's For Lunch, Honey? Something that was missing all this time, making the blog and my blog personality rather incomplete. So, I start 2008 with a good resolution - a decent "about" page.

Who am I?
Meeta - that's my name given to me by my dad! I was born back in the summer of 1972, one beautiful day in Bombay, India. I was practically delivered in a hotel! It's where my father has worked for most of his life and it's what injected the hotelier's blood into my veins. This hotel lifestyle enabled me to travel the world, get close to many cultures, learn a few languages and experience many great adventures.

Knowing only a hotel life, I decided to follow my dad's footsteps and studied Hotel Management, specializing in Marketing and Guest Relations. I trained in one of the finest luxury hotels of this world in Doha, Qatar. That is when a tiny spark for food was ignited in my soul.

I now have settled down in Germany, with my two men, Tom my husband and Soeren my adorable son of 5 6 7 11 16 years.

Hotels are not a part of my life in Germany. After graduating I came to Germany and worked in an advertising firm, an architecture and design firm and a couple of software firms. Don't ask how that came about - it just happened!

Now I am in Weimar and for the first time in my life I feel grounded at having found a great place to lay my hat. But my travelling feet continue to itch! Let's see where life takes me.

I love photography, always have, but it was with the start of this blog that I discovered the world of Foodography. Since then the passion for photography I developed has taken a complete new angle and opened so many exciting doors. I try to capture shots that speak a thousand words, that makes one feel as if they were a part of the scene and experience the photo with their senses. You tell me if I am succeeding!

What's with the Food Blog?
Somewhere along the way I got obsessed with food. Not so much the eating it but more the cooking it. It was simply divine to see people relish the food I had prepared and then to see the perfect look of satisfaction on their faces. That was it! I did not need the compliments - it was that look that had me hooked.

You know the one I mean.
A bite, forkful or a spoonful of a dish and as you place it into your mouth your tongue begins to tingle with the burst of flavors you have been craving for all along - but simply were unable to find the perfect combination. You close your eyes because you just want to relish this one second for a moment longer.

That look on people's faces made it all worthwhile. As my recipes and creations became more elaborate I needed a way to express myself. I can talk, cook and eat food for hours. It never bores me. I just needed a way to share my passion, findings, research and experiments and that is the way I got around to creating a blog that mainly focuses on food.

I originally started with The Daily Tiffin, however I needed a more food oriented blog to satisfy my food craze and so a few days later What's For Lunch, Honey? was born.

Today, I feel quite proud with every mention, award, accolade or the results of a photo/writing job I have achieved with this blog. I never thought that What's For Lunch, Honey? would grow and become a prominent part of the Food Blogging community. And I certainly never thought I would have my own media and press page! But I do and it makes me ecstatic every time I get to update that page. LOL!

In February 2009 Times Online UK selected What's For Lunch, Honey? as one of the World's Top 50 Best Food Blogs.
Yup - you bet I feel good about that one!

What's with the name?
The name has a very simple story behind it. The blog was created within a few minutes and without much thought to it. It was actually created while I had a bake in the oven and my two men came in and asked "What's for lunch?" and right then and there I decided that, this would be the perfect name for a food blog.

I started with what now seems like a rather naive first post, but as always, once thrown in the deep water, I learn to swim on my own and fast. At that time I had no idea that there were so many other food blogs dotted all across the globe. As I discovered the wonderful world of food blogging I also discovered what an exceptional community this is. It has been a true gift to have found so many friends, support, motivation and fun along the way. Something I am always truly thankful of.

Today, What's For Lunch, Honey? has become a means for me to express thoughts, share my crazy ideas, experiment, muse, ramble and discover. I strive to share my passion and record them for myself to refer to later on in life. In the progress, I am learning something new almost everyday.

Quality Seal
Being a food blog the main ingredient of this blog is food. For me the first step to good food is knowing where it comes from. The quality of my ingredients is very important to me. I make sure that 90-95% of all my fresh produce, dairy, meat and several other products are organic. These not only taste better but it also fits into my bigger picture of being careful about the environment I live in and leave behind for my child (or children). I pay close attention to obtaining my ingredients from the local Farmer's Market or ordering them from my Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) organization. Each week I get a delivery of fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, bread and other products which come from local, regional or national farmers.

Buying sensibly is important to me and I am willing to pay an extra cent or two when I know that the product is worth it. It makes cooking with such quality ingredients a lot more fun. Although this is important to me and I do support eating organic, seasonally and locally grown food where ever and whenever I can, I will not preach about it or shove it down peoples throats.

Several posts, regularly include a section about a specific product, which takes a closer look at the product from a health and nutrition point of view and gives helpful tips on selecting and storing. You will find many fresh products in my Ingredient and Food Know-Hows category.

More reading about my thoughts on organic food:
Organic Food - What is it?
Is Organic Food healthier?

The recipes you find on my blog are all put together with love, care and a lot of passion. The sources of my recipes are various - a newspaper or magazine, the Internet, a cookbook, my parents, grandparents, other family or friends, my own creations and experiments. I will never copy a recipe verbatim. Many a time I have altered or modified a recipe and almost always post my version of it. If I prepared the recipe from a cookbook or online food service I will most certainly recommend the book it came from or link to the online source. I do take time to post these recipes and often my experimentations are a matter of taste - ours. However, if you find something not quite right about a recipe please do let me know. I will certainly look into it.

Posting & Commenting
Maintaining a blog is a difficult job - no doubt about it. When I sit down to create a post it is a process of many steps, to describe them all here would blow this post out of proportion. But basically after a dish has been cooked, I carefully skim enough of it away and hide it in the fridge to photograph at a later time. Photographing as soon as a dish was prepared, as I did in the earlier days, was proving to be to stressful on myself and the tummies of my family and friends. Once the shots have been taken, I sit down to work out a rough sketch of what I want to discuss in the post. Thoughts, dreams, memories, venting or informative - whatever the nature of the post, I ponder on it for a while. Finally, all aspects of my post come together and in the two-three hour period it takes to finish a post I always feel elated when it is finally published. I publish about two to three posts a week.
Commenting is the most important feedback and a way for me to know which nerve I have hit with my readers. I appreciate all your comments and make sure to read every single one of them. Unfortunately, I am unable to always reply to every single one individually. Although, I do try when time allows, I am not as good as I would like to be. So I try to address the feedback in bundles. Unless, there is a very important comment or a question, I tend to reply to comments about a day or 2 after it has been published, however even here depending on time, it might take longer.

While I appreciate all feedback, opinions and arguments from both sides and do not delete comments that take on a different point of view, I am irritated when the comments are insulting, rude or personal attacks. If these type of comments cross my threshold of patience, I will delete them without any kind of acknowledgment. Promotional type comments and advertisements will also be swiftly deleted.

I also get annoyed when people leave anonymous comments. Please stand up to your views, thoughts and opinions. If you are a coward then do not post here in the first place. If you still feel the need to attack me or my views, do not be surprised if my replies, if I see fit to acknowledge it, is on the sarcastic side.

I do not appreciate people using my space to promote their own sites. Long post-like comments to publicize their own websites or blogs are uncoil and I find them suspicious. Do not be surprised if I delete them too. I do not mind links if the content of your post applies to what I wrote about and will be generally helpful to both our readers.

Your Emails
I often receive emails asking me questions and advice on many subjects. I do take the time and do my best to answer every mail I receive to my best knowledge. I admit, some are answered quickly others are tardy. It simply depends on the amount of stress and lack of time I am currently experiencing. There are also times that a certain email lands in my spam folder and your question ends up in nirvana. If I have not answered your mail within a week please do send me a reminder.
Once I have replied to your mail a short thank you would be great.

Reviews & Advertising
I never recommend anything on this blog that I am not convinced about or do not like personally. Most of my recommendations are of items I have personally tried and thought it is worth mentioning to inform my readers. I do accept products and cookbooks for review from publishers and if I think it is something worth mentioning and will appeal to my readers I may post about it. I am an honest and straight-forward person and that is what can be expected from my reviews. If I like the item, I will say so. If I do not, I will say that too.

I decided to run some ads on my blog to support a few minor costs the blog generates. I am not getting rich from it but it helps to cover a percentage of the costs for supplies and material.

I also link to websites I am an affiliate of, like, for the same reason. So, if you follow those links you will be supporting this blog. A tiny percentage of the purchases come my way - and I mean really tiny. But I do thank you for the support.

If you would like to advertise or sponsor this blog please drop me an email.

All content on this blog, including the photography, is my work, which means it is copyrighted with All Rights Reserved, unless otherwise noted. Please ask first before republishing or distributing any of my work! If you are interested in using my texts or photographs please contact me. You may not use my work for commercial purposes without my permission. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work in any form.
The photos you see on my blog are not free for the picking to be republished in any form. A short email asking me to use them would save you a lot of trouble and harassment.

Freelance Work
I am available for freelance work as a food writer and photographer. Contact me for further information.

In the meantime I hope you all have a great time browsing through my blog and I hope it offers you a chance to "Experience Your Senses" like never before!

Warm regards,

*Please note that this post is subject to additions and changes as it grows and develops.

All photographs and written content on What's For Lunch, Honey? © 2006-2008 Meeta Albrecht unless otherwise indicated. | All rights reserved | Please Ask First

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  1. Thanks for the warm impressions of the Meeta behind What´s for Lunch Honey?
    Your posts relieved plenty of the philosophy behind, but nevertheless it was very interesting to know more about it.
    Good luck for all future experiences, impressions and ideas!!
    Thanks for the hint with a little portion in the fridge. My family always wanes...

  2. Nice to meet you, Meeta!!!!! It was so mysterious your face behind that camera!
    Lovely, deep, warm and long post... with my english took me a while to finish reading it... but it's been so informative and direct. I've seen myself reflected in many of your thoughts concerning food and blogging, as I guess many of us, foodbloggers do.

    I love your place and manners, so you will have me here reading and commenting, not as much as I would like to (time goes by too fast) but often!

    Love and Health wishes from Spain!

  3. Well meeta it was excelent to know more about you. I had seen once a picture of you and your son in your other blog.
    I was always curious to know how you met Tom :-) now i know.
    Happy Newyear to you and family.
    Curious to know where your travelling fever is going to take you.

  4. It was so lovely to read more about you as a person and put the face to the person - even if we've been able to indirectly 'seeing' you through your blog posts.
    Keep up the good work - your blog is a real treat!PS My sister got the cranberry picture for Christmas, and she loved it. Thank you!!

  5. Very nice Meeta. We are so together on the comments! I'm with Helene and find it wonderful that your blog and posts reflect your words in this intro.
    Obviously you have my attention a lot.

  6. Good to meet you!


    I think we're all happy that you took the plunge and started this blog! You're such a dynamic person, Meeta! A big!

    P.S. Thanks for the lovely Christmas card!

  7. What a wonderful biography of yourself!
    I love your idea of putting a portion aside for later - especially now that it is so dark out so early and it is very difficult to get a reasonable picture no matter how many lights I put on! Your pictures and blog have been such an inspiration to me, with that little hint being just one of many, many things I've learned from you.

  8. Very warm and humble introduction of yourself and nice meeting you. Your blog inspires me so much. From the time I can not cook or even do food photography - I keep coming to your blog. Just love it!
    Waiting for more fantastic recipes and photographs from you.
    Greeting from Erie, PA

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    Helene, Kalyn, Padmaja, Sig, Pea, Ivonne, Pille, Tanna, Amanda, Bee, Lydia, Nuria, HC, Sreelu, Cynthia, Srivalli and everyone else - are just a few of the people I have come to love and cherish. Thanks always for your wonderful support!

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    Yeah, and WOOHOO, here's to 35yr old hot mammas!

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    I found your site when inspired to enter your Comfort Food Mingle.
    It immediately went into my favourites.
    I love your "about me"
    It's very nice to meet you.
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  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    Just found you via Is My Blog Burning. I joined about 4 hours after you did! Anyway, just wanted to say what an incredible blog you have! I'm going to have to spend a few days browsing through it.

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    I stumbled on to your blog via Elise Bauer's "Simply Recipes" and boy am I glad I did. Your blog is so interesting, fun and informative. Just wanted to Thank You as I'm sure I'll be reading you from this point on. :)

  65. Hi,

    I am Nina. I just found your blog. Please let me know what is the easiest ay to transfer your American quantieties of food into European ones?

  66. Thank you everyone once again for such lovely comments. I am getting a big head! If I ever feel down I know all I need to do is come here and read these comments.

    Nina, check out my menu bar. YOu'll find the tab "Links", then scroll down to the section "Helpful Resources" Here you will find a link to "Convert Me". I use this all the time to convert my recipes. Hope that helps! However, on my blog you will find that the recipes are almost 90% in Metric (European) measurements and only a few in cups (American). So I am hoping you should not be finding it too difficult to make some of my dishes ;-).

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    I'm looking forward to looking around. :)

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    Greetings again from shizuoka, Japan!
    Am having fun visiting your blog!
    Don't ask me to hug my wife too often or she will get suspicious!

  73. Meeta:

    Thank you for replying to my mail so fast. The cake looks absolutely delicious. I wish I could have the real thing -- I mean have my cake and eat it too! :-)

  74. Hi Meeta, What a fabulous page of self introduction. I read every bit of it…you have expressed your self so well. You are really very serious about your blogging, and it has paid off. Congrats and cheers!

  75. Quick question on the photo issue:

    I'm unclear on the use of a photo (or portion of a photo) as a link back to its source (your site). It's a typical linking device among blogs, but I'm not sure how that fits into your photo policy. I linked to a post of yours using a tiny thumbnail-sized piece of a photo under the assumption that doing so would make it impossible for someone to steal your photo via my site. But it now occurs to me that that might actually run afoul of your photos policy, and I don't want to inadvertently violate your policy.

    Can you clarify with regards to these kind of photo-based links?

  76. nice of you all to drop by and leave me your feedback. it means a lot.

    Colette, normally you just need to send me an email and ask my permission for the use of my photos. if it's for a non-profit purpose, blog etc. I normally have no objection if you provide a link to WFLH and credit the photo to me. I see you have done this so I am fine with you using my picture. Thanks for the mention!

  77. Great and honest About page, congratulations.
    When you talked about the stress of taking pictures right after the dish is ready, I thought "hei, this is me!" Taking picutures the day after is a good suggestion, I'll give it a try.

  78. Hi Meeta I'm doing a school project on E.A.U about food so i chosen the chef you wrote about Tikri Bopitigoda. Can you give me the first name of ANYONE he's related to?
    Please and thanks.

  79. This is a very nice introduction
    I like the spirit and the warmth in your words, its makes you closer to me now that i know more about the person behind this lovely face.
    thanks for sharing part of you with us.

  80. Hi

    I came across your site while googling images for figs - looking for some photographic inspiration for the ripe fruit waiting in my fridge.

    Your blog is beautifully done, your writing superb, the images absolutely wonderful, and I couldn't browse by without leaving a note (probably YET another complimentary one!) to let you know how much I have enjoyed my visit.

    I look forward to stopping by again.



  81. Andrea, Arlette, Deirdre - thank you so much for stopping by and I really appreciate your feedback and thoughts. Hope to see on around the blog more often and keep your thoughts coming. Hugs!

  82. A web search for flaky butter buns led me to your Nutella Rolls. I haven't even tasted them yet and I am hooked!

    Love your blog and your talented eye for food photography. Your passion for taste and fine ingredients is wonderful.

    I'll be back to read more....must go and bake hot cross buns now.

    Happy Easter!

  83. I think your blog and your photographs are amazing. I love the recipes, the way you write about how the dish came into being and the photograph. Being a mom to 2 little boys and a foodie, I am constantly thinking of new ideas and your blog is a great resource for me.

    Photography is a passion of mine and I would love to know how you manage to take close up shots with the black background so perfect. I sometimes find it difficult to get the right black background and focus on what I want. May I ask what mm lens you use and if you use any particular prop?

    Thanks and again, wonderful pictures and recipes!


  84. Hi Meeta!! I just found your blog because I moved to Germany for a couple of years to study and I came here with my new family: my boyfriend who is also studying and our baby, who is almost one year old :) I have not experience at all in the kitchen and now I want to learn to prepare new and delicious recipes and your blog seem to be excellent for that! Or maybe I'm too amateur?? Well, I just don't know if it will be possible for you like giving a list of the names of the ingredients in the German language, or if you know somewhere where I can find that information....Last week I prepared something and I needed cream, I though it was Schlagsahne but it wasn't...Well, that kind of things are my problems right now...learn how to cook and learn German vocabulary...Thanks for your help! You seem to be a really nice person!

  85. Hello, I came across your blog through another food blog, and I must say, your blog is just fantastic! The pictures are simply splendid and this blog is definitely one of the best I've come across! I will certainly try your recipes soon and let you know how it goes! Am sure they will turn out excellent! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the blog!

  86. HI Meeta. I am glad I found your blog. I am looking forward to reading through the archives. You have a picture of ALMOND NOUGAT next to your "Reviews and Advertising" section. Could you please provide recipe or a link to that. Thank you. Farzana

  87. You are a wonderful inspiration to the foodie blogger community! Your recipes, photos, wit and candor make for such a fun read! I launched my blog this past June and I have good days and sometimes frustrating days. It is so much work, buy it taps in to all my passions. Thanks for being such a great inspiration!

  88. Thank you so much everyone. Lovely comments and wonderful thoughts. I am glad you like this space and hope to see you here often!

  89. Thank you for such thorough instructions on making puff pastry and delicious recipes. I look forward to trying. I was surprised to find huge amounts of pre-made vol-au-vents for sale in grocery stores in Barcelona. I would love to try to make my own pastry though!

    I posted your recipes on my post on large amounts of vol-au-vents for sale in the market.

  90. Rayna S,
    Love your picture! I visit your blog everyday ! Love the write ups & pictures ! Keep up the good work

  91. Hi there, i just landed on your blog and the photos blew my mind.. awesome is the word here!! The colours in each pic are sooo good.. wow!!

  92. I just discovered your blog and I love it
    I could sit all day in front of my laptop and you read your posts.

  93. Hi Meeta,

    It was nice reading your bio. I felt a connection for being born the same year :). I had started following you on Twitter when I firt joined it - now I don't remember if I discovered your website via Twitter or googling for some recipe, then started following you on Twitter! Another thing that drew me is that you live in Germany - I have learned German, but never been able to practice it. I used to travel around until I got married. Just wanted to leave a comment and say I really like your food blog and think your photo/foodography is awesome!
    Auf wiedersehen,

  94. Hi Meeta,

    Really glad to see that you followed your dreams and definately your blog and your photography looks fantastic! You've really done something that I've always dreamt of doing. :)

    All the best,
    Vineeta Greenwood

  95. Absolutely love your photos! I have a foodie type site/blog as well but my photos are bordering on the bizarre as each day goes by.

    Your blog has inspired me to put some more effort into it all.

    Keep up the good work and much luck in all your future endeavours :)

  96. Hey, yours was probably the first food blog i ever came across!! I got hooked onto food blogs from then on and have been following a couple of food blogs im crazy about. Anyway, I had lost your trail errr....and back here again. im a big foodie and love to try on new recipes and food that appeal to my sight :). I dont have the time or equipment to have my own blog, maybe one days when i retire....By the way you are doing a great job!!

  97. Hi Meeta,
    When are u going to post videos of you cooking? Please, please do think about it :)

  98. hello Meeta, i am ioanna from Greece and start doing my new steps in food blog recently. i love cooking and i found your blog very good. i will trasnlate mine soon so people from other places could read my recipies far it is not so popular so.. anyway, concrats !!!

  99. Hi Meeta,

    I came across your blog today while going through numerous blogs on food and your blog just stuck to me. I love how you present your food - how to go about making it, the history behind it, the inviting close-ups and to conclude the verdict on it. Absolutely spot on!!
    I'll def be a regular on your site and add to my food treasure, the recipes I love. Happy cooking!

    Love and best wishes,

  100. Hi Meeta, I was perusing Macaron recipes and one thing led to another and I found you. What fabulous photography and recipes. Friends of mine have just returned from a short stay in Dubai on the way home from Europe and were impressed with it. I am about to try your Macaron recipe....hope they look as good as yours. I am going to Germany in August to visit with family and will also have a few days in Paris and hopefully will get to try the real thing at Laduree.
    Regards, Marion

  101. I would love to someday meet you! I live near Kaiserslautern and it would be so awesome to have a "blogger" dinner get together one saturday...I know 2-3 others that would join us!

  102. Meeta,

    Thanks for the inspiration to keep on blogging!

  103. This has to be one of the best food blogs I have seen. Photography is absolutely gorgeous. My background is also in the hotel industry. I also love cooking, photography and writing. I take heart in the beautiful job you have done with this site. Good luck, I have bookmarked this site, can't wait to try some of your recipes.

    What a great example and mentor you are to me.

  104. wow! thank you so much for all your amazing comments here!

    @jennifer - glad it helps! great post by the way!

    @rayna, @sana, @jasmine - thanks ladies! so delighted you like this space! glad to have you over as my guests!

    @manju, guten tag! so glad you found this space and look forward to seeing you more often.

    @mellie - you crack me up! "bizarre" - well it was nice browsing around your blog. interesting to hear you live in doha.

    @genelle - no cooking videos here. i am glad to be behind my one and only nikon.

    @wabini - thank you and welcome to the world of food blogging. look forward to seeing oyu around!

    @rashi - such a wonderful comment. thanks! i look forward to seeing more of you here!

    @marion - and did they turn out good? hope you enjoy your stay here in germany. if you need a few tips drop me a line!

    @special k - sounds like a great plan. let's do it. maybe you could email me with ideas and plans.

    @chris - you make me blush! i feel humbled and appreciate your comment. look forward to seeing you around here more often and hearing your thoughts!

  105. Hi! I discovered your blog on Norway.Yourway. Your blog it's great, I'll be back. Cheers, Ancutza

  106. Ancutza, welcome to my blog! Glad you like it and I look forward to seeing you around!

  107. I took an interesting little detour tonight after I had read your latest entry on your time with Jeanne. It has been fascinating getting to "know you" a bit more sweet Meeta. You are so precious and your blog is wonderful. I have lurked around it for years and only now and again commented. These days I read and run because time is so hectic but I hear you on the comment thing. It is the life blood of a blog and keeps the blogger coming back to blog some more wonderful stuff.
    You have a very special talent and I for one appreciate it greatly. One day when I am big I would like to take photos like you :o) Hugs and much love xx

  108. I stumbled upon your blog fifteen minutes ago via flickr and am in awe! I cannot wait to get back to it after my boys (a husband :-) and two sons) are all tucked in tonight! Now I have pull myself away to get to the kitchen to prepare tonight's dinner!

  109. Hi Meeta,
    I came upon your blog through my sister's food blog - And your pictures of Dresden caught my eye. I too am from Bombay and my boyfriend is from Dresden! I love your food blog and think it's really cute. Also - I love your photographs! In fact, I was browsing for beautiful food photographs for a food montage I want to set up in my apartment and was wondering if it would be ok for me to use your excellent shot of bratwursts, beer and Dresden in the background?
    Again - love your food blog. Check out mine sometime - it is about knitting!

  110. Hi Meeta,
    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for posting such amazing, beautiful, excellent... (I can't think of more synonyms in english) photos. I always look forward to reading your blog at the end of the day and also like to try a few recipes when time allows it (I must add your recipes are delicious!).
    Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela

  111. Congratulations for your portfolio.You are just a great food (and not only) fotographer. Without offense why don't you mention the camera and lens you are using (I might have skipped it too...). Anyway your job is very, very inspring! Keep going on!Have a nice week end.

  112. Meeta,

    I just looked at your About and Media pages for the first time today. I'm usually too busy looking at the recipe pictures when I'm on your site. Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on your amazing achievements. You've had some impressive successes.

  113. Hi Meeta,

    I found your blog through

    Now,rather than going too much into detail I simply want to say one thing that your about section has really impressed me. It's so straight and to the point.

    Next thing for me is to get to read through your recipes. I would also like to add that I have just stumbled you and have also added to my favorite list :).


  114. Meeta,

    I recently (happily) stumbled upon your blog, it is simply lovely! The photography is gorgeous and the recipes are (in the words of my fancy three-year old) "delectable!" I love good food and am very excited about having found your blog. Thank you for the time you spend on this!


  115. I found your blog while doing a google search for "orange cake" and as I write your cake is baking in my oven. As I am from the U.S., I had to convert the recipe from metric units. I hope it is a success!

  116. Greetings from Pennsylvania, USA!
    I'm so glad I stumbled upon your twitter and now your wonderful blog! You are very talented, to say the least and I'm thankful that you put such effort to share your talents with us!
    I'm a new-bee in blogging and your posts are very inspirational!
    Thanks again and best wishes,

  117. Hello Meeta

    I am a novice food blogger... and my sister is one of my biggest supporters... and she is the one who referred me to your blog. she is an absolute fan of yours. And after visiting your blog I can completely see why!! Now I am your fan  You have an amazing blog, pictures and recipes and love your writing style. Very tempted to try Chocolate Chunk Cookies… Very happy to have discovered your blog and I will be a frequent visitor. Your blog is such an inspiration to newbies like me.

    Thank You!

  118. Hi Meeta.
    I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time now. I absolutely love your recipes, pictures and reminiscences. I love to cook and I hope to have my own food blog one day. I must say you are a very big inspiration to that dream. Keep up the good job.

  119. I think your blog is simply stunning!!

  120. Dear Meeta, follow you on your blog during a few weeks and i love it! Your food styling and the set up of light is stunning.
    Is there a possibility to join a workshop for food photography at your studio? I live very close to you in Jena. Few months ago i started with my french-inspired blog about experiences in France, recipes and all good things of life.

  121. I love your blog!!!
    I'm begginner for this world of blogger - I like wery much yours photographys and also the Tuscany!!!! It'marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Good introduction. In India too food plays an important part. It is often said that the path to a man's heart is through his stomach. Nevertheless, I am a food shopper. I go from shops to shops to find different types of food items. I love doing that. I love shopping food variants and cooking them. Love your posts. Keep posting.

    Divya Bhaslar

  123. Hi Meeta, lovely blog that you have and a very nice 'about' page. i have a little inquiry... do you also give food photography lessons? or do you know any good ones? love your pics, and a friend and me would love to take a course... looking forward to hearing from you, liebe Grüße, Helene

  124. Hi Helene,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes I do give regular photography and styling lessons as part of out From Plate to Page series:
    The next one is in May in Somerset, UK and we have a few spaces left so if you are interested ... register! Would love to meet you!

  125. Hi Meeta, thanks a lot for your quick reply. I will check it out immediately. Since it will be a birthday present for my friend by her hubby {;-)}, I will check in from time to time to see if there will be courses in Germany coming up as well again. Thanks so much, I would love to meet you, too. Take care, Helene

  126. what a pleasure your blog is - seriously, a joy to the eyes and taste buds i am sure! will try your recipes too.

  127. Hi Meeta,

    What a humble introduction. Great !! I visited yr blog first time & it was such a inspiring experience that i am feeling sooooo bad why hv I visited yr blog so late. Fantastic. Now will visit yr blog everyday.

    Hope to see you personally when I visit next to Germany. Let's see. All the best to you & yr work. Aarti J

  128. Hi Meeta,

    Your blog is very down to heart, warming and inspiring - which is what i sought as i got lost on the www looking for food blogs. I am a huge foodie. I love to eat more than cook, though i usually manage to whip up something in the kitchen when i set my mind to it.

    Awesome blog, Meeta! Inspiring!

    Now, back to drooling through your photos and recipes. And yes! my senses are tingling....

  129. hi meeta.. i am new to your blog andi am in love with it.. i love your pics.. i am also trying to improve my food photography skills and ur pics are an inspiration... i checked ur food photography portfolio.. an dthe ones in white background with the use of pastel shades in it struck a chord me... !! love them... awesome !!just wanted u to know...

  130. hi meeta - i'm from upper austria; have read your wonderful blog! it's ... such a great pleasure ...and the pictures! thank you so much!

  131. Liebe Meeta,
    ich habe mich sehr gefreut Dich gestern kennenzu-
    lernen! Vielen Dank für die guten Tipps, schönen
    Gespräche und den lustigen Abend! Ich hoffe wir
    bleiben in Kontakt!
    Alles Liebe + einen schönen Sonntag wünscht Dir

  132. It's a great 'about' page, I agree. It makes me realise I probably need to make my own a little more personal.

    And it was nice to 'meet' you via Google+ this afternoon. :-)

  133. Hello Meeta,

    You have such a wonderful blog!Thanks for sharing great recipes and wonderful pictures!
    I am so happy to find someone who also love brunost like I do. I lived in Norway last two years and fell in love with this wonderful cheese. Back to Germany again, I just started my own food & photography blog. And guess, what kind of recipe I just posted two days ago? Brown Cheese Ice Cream! It is soooo yummy. Maybe you would like to have a try too? ;-)

    I will keep going on following your blog for sure! :-)


  134. Hello Meeta,
    I read about you and your wonderful blog in the Deli magazine. I got interested because we like Weimar a lot and visit friends there once a year. So, I liked to hear about your `tipps´. Do you have any special
    once for this weekend? Thanks for your lovely recipes and photos.
    Annette from Mainz

  135. You have a great blog with loads of great recipes. For me who have just started blogging your blog is an inspiration. I'm so glad I found your blog.

  136. Hi Meeta K. Wolff,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I'm Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog What's For Lunch Honey? has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 300 Food Blogs on the web.

    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 300 Food Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


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