Sweet Gifts: Matcha White Chocolate Pralines with Pistachios

Matcha Pralines (06) by MeetaK

Finally! It's Thursday. My bags are packed, my tickets and passport are tucked safely in my Tote bag and Soeren and I are ready to head out to the airport in Frankfurt. We'll be taking off to Dubai later this evening. Tom is already there and so is my brother - it's going to be a rocking Easter. I can hardly wait to be with the whole family. Tom has already been getting spoilt by my parents and I am green with envy

Green was the color of the week for me in the kitchen this week too. I was busy making extravagant pralines and truffles. Outside it was hailing and snowing and inside I was enjoying the colors of Spring. The green was most definitely a soothing color for the eyes.

Why was I making truffles and pralines when I am leaving for two weeks?

Well, so that my dear friends do not forget me when I am gone LOL! See as I will not be around for Easter to spoil them with my Easter brunch, I thought I would make them little treats to nibble on. This way they'll have me in their thoughts and I just love to know that people are thinking of me - in a sweet way. ;-)

I often do this. There is nothing nicer than saying a "Thank you!" or showing my appreciation to a special friend with homemade sweet gifts. So, instead of going out and buying expensive and impersonal chocolates, making delicate pralines spiced with love and care at home gives me a certain pleasure that I cannot compare with anything else.

I have a handful of friends I like to spoil in this way. I love them for all what they give to me. They are there to make me laugh, support me in my need, party with me, cry with me, shop till they drop with me and bitch with me. Just everything what friends do for and with each other. In return I try to be the best friend I can to them and show them my affection with little nibbles. That's another thing I love them for - they are always game for my experiments.

Matcha Pralines (02) by MeetaK

These pralines bring together the delicate flavors of matcha powder, the rich texture of white chocolate and the crunch from pistachios. The ganache for most pralines and truffles is made with cream, in this however, I simply used milk. The ganache is then cooled and beaten till light and fluffy. The result: a mouse-like texture, airy and light. Simply perfect.

For those who have not experimented with matcha powder, I do have to tell you it is a flavor that needs to develop. I am still in the development phase. Trying and experimenting, sometimes the flavors work and other times I do not take a fancy to the recipe. Matcha has a very unique flavor - it's earthy, slightly bitter and sometimes it takes a few tries before one takes a liking to it.

I am sure you will love these though. Enjoy!


MM SpringFruitSensations 3 March 2008 250px


The Monthly Mingle gets fruity this month! My guest host Abby has chosen a spectacular theme for this month - Spring Fruit Sensations. So get out your colorful fruit creations and send them over to Abby.


Deadline: April 7th, 2008  

Printable version of recipe here.

Matcha Pralines (03) by MeetaK

300g white chocolate, coarsely chopped
75 ml milk
2 teaspoons Matcha powder
100g pistachios, finely chopped


Matcha Pralines (04) by MeetaK

Line a baking tray that will fit into your refrigerator with parchment paper.

Heat the milk in a saucepan until steaming. Add the matcha powder and stir to dissolve. Make sure the milk mixture does not boil. Add the chocolate in portions, stirring until each portion has melted.

Pour the chocolate-matcha mixture into a bowl and refrigerate for about 1 hour.

Once cooled, take out and using the whisk attachment of your hand-mixer, beat the chocolate-matcha mixture until light and creamy. Fill the cream in a piping bag and pipe out chocolate balls the size of cherries on the baking tray.

Place the tray back into the refrigerator for another 30 minutes. In the meantime put the pistachios into a large bowl and set aside.

Take the pralines out of the refrigerator. Using the palms of your hands quickly roll each chocolate portion into smooth balls. Place the pralines into the bowl with the pistachios and gently toss them, coating the pralines with the nuts.

Tip: When you are rolling the matcha-chocolate balls with your hands, I recommend placing a bowl of ice cold water next to you. In between dip your hands in the water to cool them. This way the chocolate will not melt with the warmth of your hands.


Matcha Pralines (05) by MeetaK

These were incredibly fluffy and light. I was not expecting Soeren to like them - but the boy surprises me every time! He could not get enough of them. I had to take a few out for him and hide the rest LOL! The aroma of the matcha is very delicate in this. Just a hint but still very much there. I loved the crunchy pistachios - it added a lovely texture rounding the praline up nicely. I hope my friends enjoy these when they open the little chiffon bags and find these pralines inside.

I am also taking a few bags with me to Dubai - after all my parents, brother and Tom deserve to find these jewels on Easter too.

As I am taking my notebook with me, you'll be hearing from me every now and then. I have a few great posts lined up - they'll be strawberries, raspberries, pulses, pot pies and shiny metal all coming your way so stay tuned. In the meantime have a very Happy Easter and have fun hunting for your sweet gifts!

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I am thrilled to send these sweet gifts to Danielle of Habeas Brulee, who is the hostess of Sugar High Friday this month. Her theme is wonderful one - a dedication to friends, families and everyone who receives sweet gifts. Thanks for a wonderful theme Danielle!

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  1. Happy Easter to you and your entire family Meeta... I wish you'd send me a box of these pralines... you must know I'll think of you. :-)

    Have fun!!

  2. Lovely gifts! Have a wonderful Easter away!

  3. Meeta, these are luscious! And I'm intrigued by replacing cream with milk - I have got to try that sometime!

    Have a wonderful trip and a Happy Easter!

  4. These are gonna linger in my mind for a looong time don't worry! :) They look absolutely gorgeous, and as you said Green is very pleasing to the eye.

    Wishing u a wonderful Easter, have a fun trip!!

  5. this is beautiful, Meeta! I need to try this recipe. Oh, and I also make truffles for the SHF!

  6. Those look excellent and I could see those disappearing very quickly! I like the green and the backdrop in the photos...
    Hope you have a good holiday!

  7. Ah, you did it. I think I am the only one who hasn't tried matcha yet. Happy Easter to you and your family, Meeta.

  8. I have got to jump on the matcha bandwagon. I've seen so many beautiful recipes for it lately, and this one is simply superb, Meeta!

  9. Have a wonderful Easter! The color of these pralines is just amazing! :)

  10. Gorgeous! How beautiful, delicious, and springy! Have a wonderful Easter!

  11. Those look so good. White chocolate and matcha is one of my favorite flavour combinations. Bookmarked.

  12. Meeta I do believe these have got to be in your top 5 of all time. Absolutely gorgeous colors and the flavors all seem in perfect harmony!! Beautiful!
    Do have a fabulous time.

  13. I am puzzled by the matcha, I do not recall seeing it here in SA. Your pralines look so delicious and I would love to make them - is tere anything I can replace matcha with?

  14. The pralines look fantabulous!!!! You amaze me with not just your recipes but your photography too! I love the picture of all the pralines with one in the center missing! Wishing you a very Happy Easter!

  15. Happy Easter to you and the family honey!

  16. These look wonderful - I love the flavor (and scent!) of matcha. I will definitely be trying them.

  17. Very interesting and beautiful! I noticed this post on Tastespotting ;)

    Happy Easter, Margot

  18. shiny metal. did you say that? i'll all ears!!! enjoy your trip.

  19. happy easter! have a great trip.

    you're sweet as pie for making these, and they look fantastic. the styling, as always, is beautiful.

  20. Thanks everyone for your feedback on this. Matcha is a very special and unique ingredient to use in food - sweets, desserts etc. I am still learning and developing the tastebuds for this product.

    I would love to encourage everyone to try it out if they get their hands on it. The pralines are a wonderful way to start.

  21. Hmmn...matcha! And the perfect combination with white chocolate!

  22. Meeta, if you have some time on hand, lets catch up. Take care!

  23. man, now I really need to get my hands on some green tea! hope you have a rocking time with your family in Dubai gal! c ya soon!!:)

  24. The heck with cooking supper! I'm making a bunch of desserts after reading SHF!!

    Stop by for a visit. I'll even save one of my baked apples for you! :D

    Confessions of an Apron Queen: http://anapronaday.blogspot.com

  25. These look amazing and I love the bright green color! Yum...

  26. Great pictures and interesting recipe. I think this is the first time I have seen matcha and nuts together. Does the taste get overpowered?

  27. Thank you for your feedback!

    Dr. Gray - no the taste is a wonderful mix and not overpowering at all. I would recommend using a little less matcha to start with and then increase according to your taste.


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