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The desires of our culinary cravings is ostensibly so dependent on the weather outside. It was just a mere few weeks that I was preparing leafy green salads with strawberries or raspberries and delicious summery tarts with tomatoes and crumblings of goat cheese. Now as the weather turns from the warmth of summer to a rather undesirable cold and wet prelude to Autumn, my appetite seems to long for heartier and more robust meals. But my body is not there yet! 

I tend to be adamant at this time of year. Fearing that I have to wave goodbye to my favorite time of year, I hang onto my sandals, light summer dresses and tops and do everything imaginable to ignore those goosebumps. Mind over matter!


It does not work though. The weakest part of me rebels with a throat infection, reminding me to be responsible and dress appropriately for the weather. So out come the scarves, wrapped tightly around the neck, the long sleeved tops, the warmer pumps and with a slight sadness I begin putting away the brightly colored summer wear. As summer moves on, I realize seasons can’t last.

While the markets are still offering brightly colored ruby red tomatoes, deep green zucchinis, luscious scenting strawberries and shiny blackberries, I see the pumpkins, plums and figs too. I am partially reconciled.

The kitchen is disarrayed as my indecisiveness what produce to tackle first brings on slight confusion. Should it be the light summery dessert or the warming hearty stew? I look at the raindrops as they pearl down the window, the melodic pitter-patter playing a tune of their own, my senses begin to take control.


Growing up one of my favorite dishes used to be the Beef Stroganoff. It’s a classic Russian dish, which has proved its deliciousness time and time again. Strips of sautéed lean beef embraced by a creamy sour cream sauce with onions and mushrooms for added subtle earthy flavors - the perfect dish for a cool, rainy day. Served with a steaming bowl of buttery pasta this was simply the perfect way to bring warmth to a cold day.

In my version I add gherkin slices and chanterelle mushrooms for a slightly different version. One can argue if he gherkins should be served on the side or in the recipe, I personally like the slightly sweet, sour and crunchy texture they add to the recipe. You can use a variety of mushrooms – try crimini or even a selection of wild mushrooms.

Beef Stroganoff

Printable version of recipe here


500g sirloin or tenderloin steak, cut into strips approx. finger-width
2-3 shallots, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 teaspoon smoky paprika powder
300g chanterelle mushrooms 
Olive oil
2 tablespoons butter
Salt and pepper to taste
100g gherkins
250g sour cream
Handful parsley, roughly chopped


  1. In a large frying pan sauté shallots and garlic on a medium heat in a drizzle of olive oil. Sprinkle with paprika powder and cook until shallots and garlic have softened.

  2. Turn up the heat and add mushrooms and butter. Continue to sauté until the mushrooms are browned. Set aside.

  3. In another frying pan and olive oil and fry the beef for 2 to 3 minutes until brown on the onside but still pinkish on the inside then add the mushroom mixture. Sprinkle with salt & pepper to taste and remove from heat.

  4. Add the sour cream, gherkins and sprinkle with parsley. Serve with some buttered pasta and a large green salad.





This does make up for the cold and gloominess outside. The three of us snuggle around the table and fill our plates with steaming pates of the stroganoff and pasta. And as the raindrops make their music, we enjoy the warmth of the each others company. Seasons never last and summer will be here again, in the meantime my head is spinning with ideas for the Autumn produce that lie in front of me.

I was recently interviewed by the lovely girls over and and revealed what’s in my pantry. Come and take a peak!

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  1. I only discovered beef strogonoff as an adult, while living abroad (being Spanish I should say this is not our way of cooking beef).
    However, at that moment, beef strogonoff became the most similar thing I had to the casseroles from my childhood available around.
    I never prepared it myself, though.
    Now I have no excuses.
    Thank you for sharing your recipes, your photos and your views.

  2. Ah! Fall is already setting in there???!! It's still blistering hot here.. Just came back from picking my farm basket and I need another shower! GAH!

    anyway, that aside, I love stroganoff. It's reminiscent of love and smiles to me. perhaps, because it was my hub who made it for me the first time when I came back tired and pissed with work and it made me feel instantly better. Since, it's always him who makes it :)

  3. A wonderful dish! I've always loved beef Stroganoff... That 2nd picture is beautiful.



  4. You are so right, the weather is calling for a fabulous, rich, warm plate of this beef Stroganoff! And I love the addition of gherkins! I agree that the meaty, deep flavor will really be perked up by the crisp, cool, tangy flavor of the pickles. Stunning, Meeta. (and I love the photo right before the recipe ;-) xoxo I'm coming over for dinner!

  5. Meeta, I do love the addition of gherkins in deliciously different! I could easily eat a bowl or two of this with a nice glass of red.

  6. Seasons come and go. This is what I like the most: changing clothes, habits, ingredients, colours, activities... each time it's amazing and I am speachless, the word is wonderful! :D
    Now, back to the recipe: never tried, it's definitely time to taste it! :D MMH!

  7. Oh here to it is same, weather ise and with the veggie, one is really confused what to buy too.
    I love the addition of gherkin slices, did you add them in the end before serving or together with the mushrooms etc..

  8. I also start making pots and stews when fall comes ;) I have to try this one - it looks delicious! I've tried Stroganoff before, but we didn't fall in love with it (but we liked it). I'm sure yours will be so much better ;) I will probably make it with rice - so it will be safe for my girl, or maybe I should try it with some roast potatoes.

    And your pictures are as always incredible!

  9. I agree with ya...As much as I do love summer and berries...I also love monsoon and winters..Time for soupy dinners and snuggle..I love the arrival of turkish figs in markets and cant wait to make warm tarts and clafoutis out of it..but yeah..sad bye byes to sandals :-(

  10. Mmmm... I do love the heavier dishes associated with autumn and winter. Stews are much nicer than salads. :)

  11. I know - I wish summer would stay on these roads forever :( But there is no point on overthinking every little thing - as you say, summer has moved on and it's time for comfort food! I LOVE beef Stroganoff - the flavours and ingredients just seem to be shapes that fit together and they warm the blood that moves the body. I often make this with chicken and it's lovely too.

    (how many do YOU count?!) ;-)

  12. Thanks everyone for all your comments. Excited to see that many of you love Beef Stroganoff too. I prefer adding the gherkins when the pan is removed from the heat. This way they warm through and still stay crunchy!

    Tengo - yes no excuses now!

    Asha - what a lovely story. maybe you can prepare this version for him now!

    Meredith - thank you! all the best with your blog too!

    Rosa - thanks!

    Jamie - getting the pot ready for some of this Beef Stroganoff!

    Peter - you bring some nice Australian wine I'll get this ready for us. Can't wait!

    Juls - yes each season has a beauty but i am a summer girl at heart! so it takes me longer to recover when it leaves!

    Finla - towards the end just as you take it off the heat!

    Kjersti - it works perfectly with rice and roasted potatoes too. Let me know what you thought!

    Debug - we'll have to wait for the next summer!

    Su-Lin - they are in the cold. glad you like it.

    Jeanne - ooohh you are good! i have to acknowledge the bell i can't unring!

  13. I love beef stroganoff too - it's something I don't get to have all that often, but always greatly appreciated. It just screams 'comfort food' at me!

    Such a delicious recipe - I'm definitely going to be tucking this one away for the cooler nights!

    Jax x

  14. Hi there, I'm new to your blog...and wow do you have some great recipes! Beef Stroganoff is one of my favourites. I had no idea it was Russian! Ps. You're so right, our tastes can really align with the seasons! Seasonal cooking is such a joyful experience

  15. Can you tell me what the meat is called in German? I am an American expat living here and the meat cuts still confuse me... looks like another winning recipe!!

  16. Gosh, Meeta, you turn what normally looks like a not-very-photographic meal into a masterpiece! I'm drooling.

  17. Love it Meeta, so totally! It's the time of the year that I don't want to see go either, but your stroganoff is enticing! I love that you served it over buttered pasta. I usually do it over rice, but pasta is calling my name. Gorgeous recipe!

  18. Beef Stroganoff is one of those recipes that for some reason I always skip over in recipe books. I'll have to remedy that after seeing your mouthwatering pictures.

  19. Thank you everyone for the awesome comments. Beef Stroganoff is often under rated but it's such a satisfying dish! Hope you like my version!

  20. Hi Meeta - what a lovely blog you have! I'm just learning cooking, and your blog is such an inspiration :) I'm trying to make a veg version - what do I substitute the beef with?

  21. Beef Stroganoff, also a favorite of mine. Never heard about gherkins before, but I will keep my eyes open.


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