Retrospective 2015

Retrospective 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Wishing you all a fantastic, prosperous, healthy and delicious 2016! The last couple of weeks of 2015 were relaxing, with lots of family time, play time, relax time and food time - it was just the most ideal way to end a great year. 2015 was indeed grand! Before we dive into this sparkling new year it is a good time to take a moment to reflect, appreciate and celebrate the year gone by.

I said the same thing in my Retrospective 2014 - but 2015 propelled past me at the speed of sound! It certainly was a year with many highs! My core word for 2015 was “resolute” and back then I wrote:


steadfast, firm, purposeful, determined, unwavering
All of which I can very well wrap my head around and would like to apply to my daily life.

  • Steadfast in my faith and belief
  • Firm in my thoughts
  • Purposeful goals to follow
  • Determination to follow through those goals
  • Unwavering courage to step out of the box

To help me shape this big goal I had 3 core desires: shakti, courageous and freedom. I wrote:

As I look at these words they lift me up and give me motivation and inspiration. I will be asking myself as I progress through 2015 how my decisions, ideas and choices make me feel and if they correspond to my 3 core desires.

I do not make resolutions instead I choose a core word and 3 core desires that act like my beacon guiding me through the year. I followed through every step of the way making 2015 a year that unfolded in a kaleidoscope of colors. It was a year of fun, enlightenment, empowerment and humbleness.

What my core word and desires for 2016 are, I’ll be sharing in my next post but I look forward to breaking out this year!


January 2015 chimed in on a pretty magnificent note with quite a few highlights following each other.

Retrospective2016-18-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-15-by-MeetaWolff


Retrospective2016-16-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-19-by-MeetaWolff




Retrospective2016-9-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-7-by-MeetaWolff


Vienna2015-10 Vienna2015-7 Vienna2015-5


Retrospective2016-23-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-20-by-MeetaWolff LondonCollage8 LondonCollage10


Retrospective2016-10-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-11-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-12-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-13-by-MeetaWolff


Retrospective2016-21-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-25-by-MeetaWolff


Retrospective2016-24-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-26-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-4-by-MeetaWolff




Retrospective2016-17-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-3-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-22-by-MeetaWolff


Retrospective2016-5-by-MeetaWolff Retrospective2016-2-by-MeetaWolff

It has been a big year filled to the brim with many highlights almost no lows and a year that found me in a very happy place. Resolutely I moved forward but not stubbornly - I made changes where necessary and persevered on the new course. It was a year that family ties got stronger and friendships more meaningful. It was a year where I focussed on the good and made sure that the bad was stopped old in its tracks. I reduced superficial friendships and concentrated on those who meant more to me. It was liberating.

Throughout the year I have always had the support of many people around me, who inspire me and encourage me, advice me and critique me. My year would not be shaped like it was without their unconditional love and support. From my family - parents, husband and son to my dear friends - I thank you always and excuse me if I do not say it often enough you all mean the world to me.


Not just my partners and colleagues on various workshops and projects but some truly special friends. Jeanne, Simone and Dima. Thank you for being a part of my roller coaster ride!

Finally I cannot end a recount of the year without a massive thanks to all my readers, freinds and followers who share my year on my blog and across my social media platforms with me. New friendships are budding and new ideas are being worked on. This space is running on 10 years now and there are many of you that are around from the early years. Your faith and loyalty is always cherished - please know that.

Here’s to releasing 2016 and letting it run free to grow into an even more spectacular year! I hope you will be a part of it!


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  1. Such an amazing year you had Meeta and I'm thrilled to have been a small part of it. Love you always! Hugs and here's to a fabulous new year!

    1. Love you always too Simone. I cannot imagine a year without you in it. Thanks for all your support!

  2. Thanks for this wonderful review of your 2015. Hope you have a great new year. Best, Marina

  3. What a gorgeous and powerful year Meeta! Love this post so much :)

  4. I looks like you had a very busy year. Love the pictures. Happy 2016 R

    1. It was a good one for sure. Thanks for all your support!

  5. Vibrant round up and a feast for the eyes Meeta. Here's to more in 2016

    1. Your words towards 2016 I hope. I hope it is more vibrant and powerful ;) Thanks for being part of it!

  6. What a treat for the eyes and such a great read, Meeta!! Stunning images and enjoyed reading every line - including my favorite month, July :)

    1. ;) It means a lot that you are supporting me with your energy and kind words Bina! Looking forward to lots more!

  7. Wow, what a wonderful and productive year you've had. Hope your 2016 is even better!

  8. WOW !! That is one fabulous post. The images are breathtaking ..beautiful work Meeta.


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